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Who we are

Mind’s Eye Tutoring provides private, in-home tutoring to clients of all ages in New York City. We specialize in computer science instruction. Coding is perhaps the single most important skill demanded in today’s economy. Fortunately, it can also be the most fun. And our skills run broad and deep, so whether you’re just getting started, seeking to deepen your understanding of machine learning, or in the market for a project consultant, we’ve got someone who can help.

Why we’re unique

There are a lot of expert coders out there, but a choice few of them are also experts in pedagogy. Our coding instructors are not robots born and bred on the stuff; many of them learned to code after working in other fields, and they’ve spent years honing their skills as educators. They know the challenges that new coders face, and they have the teaching intuition to make sure they overcome them.

Why we’re a deal

Mind’s Eye is tutor-run. There’s no administrative middle man absorbing 70% of the tutoring fee. That means two things: (1) Our tutoring rates are reasonable, and (2) the tutors are all the more dedicated to their work. Our students reap the benefits of both. Read our testimonials to see what they’ve had to say.

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